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Hank's Dairy Bar

Power Wheels Rodeo



Parent Instruction Sheet

(subject to small changes) 

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No driving of Power Wheels after they are in the corral .

All parents must sign waiver. Each Child will receive Food Coupon.

It is recommended that all participants wear a bicycle helmet .

Rodeo number must be attached to front of vehicle. Ask staff members for assistance.


We ask each participant to pick a SHOW & SHINE car and drop off pick at sign-up booth.

Please use Rodeo Number & Age Group Color to identify the car you have chosen

You may want to wait until most of the vehicles arrive before you pick your BEST IN SHOW they must be in by 12:00.


Remember to conserve your battery power in between events.

High fives are strongly encouraged.

All participants must have an incredibly good time because they are all winners at

Hanks Dairy Bar’s Power Wheel Rodeo


The Ball Push

It’s all downhill from here. Just push the ball . Sounds easy?

Yeah Right! It’s a timed event so push it straight.

This year the ball is bigger than ever for more fun.

This year we will not allow our staff to touch the ball once it has been hit. For the sake of fairness your child will be responsible to push the ball We do give you a running start at the ball for the three year olds, so make sure the first hit is straight, however, if your child goes past the ball they may want to use reverse to back up. You may encourage but not physically help your child. In other words, make sure your child knows how to use reverse if the need may arise. There is now a 30 second time limit on this event which will help keep every child in the game regardless of a bad event.


Power Wheels Croquet

Just like croquet our little rodeo participants will be responsible for driving their vehicle through the wickets. That’s the easy part, now they have to get the big ball that they are towing behind them to go through the wicket too. The trouble is that every time the ball hit’s the wicket it’s one point.

At NO time are any parents allowed on the course. Points will be added if a parent walks onto the course. It is up to you to explain to you child the rules and what he/she must do. Our staff will help guide them to each wicket but we cannot tell them to drive left or right. If they miss a wicket its one point.


Don't Drink and Drive

Driving is best done with two hands but what happens when each child must hold a full cup of water with one hand and drive over our bumpy obstacle course? We have no idea but the results should be hilarious. The child with the most water in the cup at the end of the drive will be rewarded with the best score.

Don’t Crush The Turtles

O.K. so maybe they don’t look like turtles.

Stay within the roadway but don’t run over the cups with your right front tire or we have to give you a point. The road is wide but the turtles are everywhere so try your best to avoid them.


We have tried our best to develop a scoring system that would be fair to each child, we will work hard to ensure a fair decision of the winners. Our use of Time Limits now ensures that a bad performance in one event will not knock you out of the Rodeo.

If you have read this far, very good. The Power Wheels Rodeo is an ever changing event. Sometimes we add a new event that is not advertised. Be Aware!